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Well here I am - can't believe am actually feels really strange.

The journey was fine although very long & boring....the goodbyes weren't too emotional in the end. Matt dropped me off at Heathrow which was definitely better than the whole family being there like last time!

Checked into the hostel ok - it's really busy and am in a dorm room with 5 other people :o(

was seriously considered changing to a single room but thought that was too much of a luxury and decided i need to start as i mean to go on...think the hostel life will take some getting used to again......especially when i actually saw the's pretty foul and am now feeling v itchy just from sitting on the bed for 5 sure i'll get used to it though and won't even notice the filth & noise soon!....i think most city hostels are the same though and never feel that friendly or homely!

all's fine though - got here few hours ago & had a bit of a wander around. everywhere looks quite cool but will have proper explore tomorrow when am a bit more going to don the ear plugs now and go back to my top bunk :o(...hopefully will sleep ok!

it's also bloody freezing, which wasn't expecting but hopefully it'll warm up tomorrow and i can get on the beach!...otherwise Herbie i might be arriving in jamaica tomorrow!!

its really funny - have told the few people i have met and chatted to here that i'm going to jamaica next and they've all said...

"Aaaahhh you like the Rasta's hey???!!"...then smile and wink at already think have got a bit of a reputation for myself - ha ha!! ...will have to lie next time about my next destination i think!

anyway - thats all for now....will update in a few days and hopefully with some pics if i can work out the new camera!!

hope you're all well.

send me lots of emails please - i'm missing everyone already!



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