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I left England at 10.25pm on the 11th September. Got free flight socks, pillow, headphones, eye mask and toothbrush and toothpaste, which was exciting. No one sat next to me, but there was an Australian man in the aisle seat, who has given me his phone number, address and email and said that if I'm in need of somewhere to stay, then he's in Brisbane and I can give him and his wife a shout, which was very nice to know!

Watched 'The Sentinel', had some chicken and rice thing for dinner, which was ok actually as plane food goes. The only thing was the banoffee pie for dessert, I hate anything to do with bananas. Slept from about 1am to 6am on and off, as sometimes when I woke up there would be something on the TV, such as Frasier so I'd watch that and then sleep again.

Landed in Singapore about 20 past 5 Singapore time (7 hours ahead of England). Went through customs etc. then had to get the Skytrain to Terminal 2 and a Bus to the Joo Chiat Complex which is close to my hostel. Got to the hostel about 7.15pm. I had a room to myself for last night, which meant it was nice and quiet but a bit sad as I didn't meet anyone until I came down for the internet. However, I couldn't get onto this site yesterday from one of the other computers, but luckily this one will let me get here to let you know what's happening.

I got invited out for dinner by Tony, one of the people who run the hostel and 2 other guests who are from Perth. Tony actually studied at UCL and used to work in Sunnydale, so knows where Royal Holloway is! Anyway, we had Chinese Iced desserts first, which were quite nice, except one brewed in tea which probably takes some getting used to, after that we went to a Japanese restaurant, but I wasn't brave enough for the Sushi, although I did try some eggplant tempura which was nice. Also, I need more practice with chopsticks!

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