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After 33 years, first as a teacher and then as principal, Anil's retirement/farewell gathering was held at the Tempo School on a Saturday in September. The crowd of former students, parents of past and current students, teachers and friends who turned out to thank Anil and wish him a happy retirement was overwhelming. I was still reeling from the outpouring of affection I received the previous day at my own farewell as I completed 10 years at TigrSoft/Matrikon, a software company in Edmonton.

A former student came to congratulate Anil and said, "I hear that you have sold your home and all your belongings and are heading out to travel the world. Amazing! When do you leave?"

We answered in unison, "Tomorrow!" The fellow was stunned.

As an educator, Anil had lots of vacation time each year, but my job as a payroll and benefits manager limited me to only a few weeks each year. Because of the restrictions of monthly payroll, the only time we could string three weeks together was by taking off the first two weeks of January along with the week between Christmas and New Year's. We always dreamed of more time for a longer trip to explore the developing world and to spend more time with Anil's extended family in India. This was something that he had never had the chance to do since immigrating to Canada in 1968 - almost 40 years ago. Retiring early and taking the plunge to travel for months at a time, for several years if possible, was a decision that wasn't too difficult to make.

Now here we are, ready to set off on a journey that has been in the making for most of our 32 years together - a dream come true.


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