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Four Courts

Ireland's oldest pub

Book of Kells

Budweiser sign

Dublin buildings

Dublin city bus

Fane doing the worm

Fane, Marc and me in Temple Bar pub

Sirlyn, Fane, Marc and me on the Dart to Howth

Sign at Howth pier

grafton street

Graingers corner...just for Duane

Fane and Marc with pint bottles of guinnes

My hostel bed

Hostel common room

Me and Molly Malone statue

Me at St. Stephens green

The Liffey river

Trinity College

Ok, after what felt the longest flight in the world I have arrived in Dublin, Ireland. It all started at 11:30am Calgary time. Hopped on a plane to Seattle and waited there for 4 hours. Seattle's airport has a cool underground subway system to get to different terminals. That was fun. I met up with Alison from Fort McMurray while we waited. We met a guy there from Brussels who came over to check out Seattle and Vancouver. Hopped on another plane to get to Copenhagen. Got my first stamp in my passport! We had to wait for almost an hour to find out which gate our next plane would be flying out of. Landed in Dublin around 5pm. Pat and Dianne were at the airport waiting for me. They brought me into city center Dublin by Aircoach. Pat had a few maps to give me that have proven to come in handy. We found my hostel right away and got checked in. They took me out for a pizza dinner and a walk around the main area. Was in bed by 9pm. Jet lag is not fun! At this time the time difference was actually 8 hours since Ireland changes their clocks for spring before Canada does. The next day I went to my orientation with swap at USIT. Alison was there also. We had to register and get a Garda card to prove that we could sty in Ireland for a year. Took almost 4 hours to get! Went to a pub close by for dinner afterwards. Also got a cell phone..sorry mobile phone.

The next day I went to look at some apartments. The first one was with a Polish couple and a french girl. The place was tiny and had no tv and the kitchen was barely big enough for 1 person. I decided not to go with that one. Went to the next one and fell in love with it. But I will explain about it in another entry with pictures.

Fane finally made it over to Dublin and I met up with him and Marc (a spanish guy from his hostel) Fane cooked me dinner and then the 3 of us went out to Temple Bar pub

to meet up with another guy from Calgary. The pubs here are fantastic. Always busy and kids can hang out in them until a certain time. The bartenders are all good looking and say "Thanks Love" cute! And you dont have to tip here. Weird!

I met a girl from Estonia in my hostel room and her, Fane, Marc and I went out the one night. We caught the DART (like the ctrain back home)out to Howth

which is a town right on the coast about 20 minutes from Dublin. Walked out on the pier. Headed back into town where we bought some liquor in the grocery store..crazy for really cheap. Ended up going to a night club where Fane did the worm for us haha.

I met up with Dianne one afternoon and we walked around city center. She showed me the Molly Malone statue, St. Stephens green park and Grafton street (pedestian shopping street)

This was pretty much my first week in Dublin. Glad to be out of the hostel after only 5 days. Now to find a job and make some Euros!

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