Lady Di...on her state visit... travel blog

Bangkok's golf course, right next to the runway of course...

Entering the madness...that is their New Year water festival

Note the beginning of clay faces!

...and happy smiles everywhere

Sandra getting the treatment

er...and me!

Gridlock for festival

Look at the state of us!!!

Oh, my god!!! Complete madness decended upon arrival...36 degrees so sweating buckets and turns out it's their new year and they celebrate it by driving the world and their wife around in these pick up trucks and having water fights and covering you in clay... needless to say once i got off the airport bus backpack and I were covered! Briliant laugh though!

Got chatting to Sandra from Holland on Bus so we found nearest hostel with another guy called Ryan and went out to join in the fun...guy tried to pickpocket me but I spied him and he dissapeared...and must have had about 500 pairs of hands covering my face in clay tonight...!

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