2006-Allan and Joel's Excellent Adventure travel blog

Melbourne Skyline

Tennis Centre from Room

Andy Roddick training court right below our room

PHM Bathtub


PHM Biz Centre

PHM TV and Mini Bar

Well today we leave the unusual gloom and wetness of Sydney for the hot humid climes 'o Melbourne. The plane ride was good and we picked up a rental car so I needed to practice my drive on left stuff. Melbourne is a hard city to drive in as in order to make a left turn [on the wrong side of the road] you need to be in the far left lane....a bit confusing. The Park Hyatt is fabulous. Our room has a great view of Rod Laver Arena as well as the rest of the Melbourne Tennis Centre. Here are some pics.

Ran into Brad Gilbert in the lobby. He said "hello" we said "hi" back. It's so good to know people.

Dinner at Shark Fin was good if pricey. It was fun to watch the guy's fish giant crabs out of the tank. After dinner we went round the pub [is this sounding familiar] to watch Chela crush Hewitt. It was very hard to pretend to be sad but we managed. Joel went outside to do the happy dance. We had a few more beers, listen to the Aussie cover band [I love the really bad renditions of Smoke on The Water]. After a rousing rendition of "Wonderwall" when everyone in the bar chimed in, we stumbled home and Joel promptly passed out.

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