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Boston, MA

Well....for all those with lingering questions about Ann's visa to India -it would seem that the problem has been remedied. Ann sent her passport back to the Indian Consulate with instructions to correct the error. Mr. A.K.Sharma at the consulate promised to give the issue his personal attention, and that he did. Ann's visa was corrected in short order, and the passport promptly returned to Boston. The catch? (Of course you knew there would be a catch.) The official remedy at the Consulate was to white out the mistake and ink in the proper name. Very official. It almost looks like we got a neighborhood third grader to make the change. Very suspect. I think I would have rather shown up at the border as Mrs. Bozzick. Previously, I was worried about the astute immigration officials -now even greenest of rookies will raise an eyebrow and pull us aside for questioning. But don't worry...Mr. A.K Sharma initialed the change. And just in case there are any questions, we have his number at the consulate. Too bad he never answers his phone...

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