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Alison enjoying the boat! Bit windy!!

Chilly girls on the boat.

People chilling out on the boat ride.

Kerry and Clare with their carer!

Playing Mr President. From left Josh, Kerry, Clare, Gill, Jennifer, me and...

Me and Al

Alison in a hammock

More hammock fun! Jack, Alison, and Kerry

Enjoying more Caipirinhas

Alison and Keith (aka Keit)

A VERY drunk Josh and moderately drunk Kerry

Me apparently trying to strangle a very drunk Clare

Got picked up from our Rio hostel by a guy called Fred who ran the Aquarius Hostel on the island Ilha Grande, our next destination. It took us about 2 hours to get to Angra where the boat goes from, and we stopped off for coconut water on the way - very tasty! There was a Finnish couple from our hostel and also a Canadian woman called Jennifer with us.

Aftyer grabbing something to eat in Angra, we got on the Scooner to the Island. It all felt very relaxing until we got going and the wind really picked up! It was really rocky and we got pretty wet. I thought it was fun but I don`t think the others were convinced! When we arrived on Ilha Grande we were met by a crazy angry Brazilian woman and had to walk for ages along the beach with our heavy bags. We weren`t sure that we were going to survive but we eventually arrived.

We met Josh and Jack (the 2 British guys we met in Botafogo hostel) at the hostel and along with Jennifer, we cracked open the rum! I`m really starting to like these Cuba Libras! Then we headed into the town in search of food before stocking up on more rum and some vodka and heading back. The hostel has a bar area which over looks the sea and we sat and played a drinking game called Mr President (a game I indulged in many times whilst at university!). It was a good laugh especially once people got into the swing of being evil and miking up silly rules! We`d finished off the rum and vodka so decided to go into town to a few bars. But did we walk into town?.......oh no we travelled in style! We got the hostel people to take us round to the jetty in their boat!! We`d met an Irish guy called Keith and a guy from Luton called Gill and they came too. We found a nice bar and ordered Caipirinihas but they were gross so we made the boys drink them. After the bar we tried to find somewhere else to go but everywhere was pretty quiet so we headed back home. Not before stopping for a Misto Quente though! - this is basically what we have lived off since we came to Brazil. Toasted ham and cheese things. And I hate ham! Oh dear.

Once back at the hostel Kerry and I befriended the hostel`s cat and dog, and gave them the names Stevie and Dave respectively(?). We then proceeded to give Stevie the cat sex advice (?????). Not quite sure how that happened! Was a very silly drunken night.

Jack joined us for girly chats but he got rather too into being an honoury girl and wouldn`t shut up so I got bored and fell asleep, leaving the others to listen to him!!

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