Off Again! 2005 - 2006 travel blog

My flatmates! Zoe, Veronica and Nikky

V, Me + Zoe on our last night out!

Zoe + Veronica

Girls about town! The 'Terrible Trio'!!

Darling Harbour, our local hang out as we only lived 5 mins...

The Town Hall all lit up at night, very festive!

Zoe + V, getting stuck into the BBQ cooking at Tamarama Beach!

Preparing the rest of the feast in the shade!

Believe it or not that is a giant 'fried egg' + 'deckchair'...

I think those flip flops are a bit too big for you...

Rich and me in the Blue Mountains, escaping from the city for...

The 3 Sisters still look as stunning as they did last time...

'Spiderman Rich' sprinting up the side of the rock!

How high up! Whatever you do CJ, don't look down!

Coming down is always the best bit!

Bexta and Patrick in the beautiful Botanical Gardens

Me + Bexta

I've been back in Sydney since the beginning of October, and have started to feel quite settled. But unfortunately my visa has expired and its time to leave before the immigration officers catch up with me! I've been living in Pyrmont, which is only a 5 min walk from Darling Harbour and 10 mins from the city, so quite central. I have been sharing a pretty swanky flat (well swanky for a backpacker!! Fully furnished and comes with gym, pool and sauna etc!!) with 3 girls, 2 English (Zoe + Nikky) and one crazy American, Veronica!!! The only downside of the flat was that you had to share a room but coming from a hostel and staying in dorms, this was an upgrade! And I couldn't have asked for a nicer 'roomie', Zoe, we both got on really well and I'm going to try my best to stay in touch!

Sydney is a beautiful city, and has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions, nightlife and of course beachlife! We made plenty of use of the beaches in the surrounding suburbs (Coogee, Bondi and Manly) but my favourite has to be Tamarama which is a very small, and more intimate beach located along the coast between Bondi and Coogee. We decided one sunny weekend to make the most of the lovely weather and to head out to Tamarama Beach for a BBQ. Its great, you don't need to own a bbq as they are already dotted around the beach for public use! You just turn up, grab a bbq or wait until one becomes free, put in 20c, then let it heat up and hey presto you have a bbq!!! A great way to spend a day! And we were also entertained by an exhibition that was on that weekend called 'Sculpture by the Sea', an exhibition of huge giant sculptures of various objects to do with the sea!

During my last couple of weeks in Oz, Rich a friend and ex-work colleague came to visit me in Sydney. We did a few of the usual tourist attractions but then decided to head out of the city into the mountains for a couple of days and headed up to the Blue Mountains. I had previously been there with Bexta in January but was looking forward to just getting out of the city for a couple of days and getting some exercise and fresh country air in my lungs! We signed up for a half day's rockclimbing, very similar to the half day I did last time I was there. Boy, did I wonder why I had suggested it to Rich when we got there and I saw the sheer rock faces that we were told we were going to climb!!! I think what made it worse was that I had already tried it before and knew what was coming!!! Believe me it's not as easy as it looks, unless you used to be a 'bodybuilder' like Rich and you can use your upper body strength to pull you up the rock face!!! Oh I do love a challenge but I have to say this challenge has got me (well for the time being anyway!), am sure I will have another go in the near future!

With only a week left in Oz, work all finished etc, I decided to head down to Melbourne to say hello and goodbye to my friends down there, including Bexta (my fellow travelling companion) who is very happy and settled down there now.

Next stop - Auckland, New Zealand

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