The Khoreys go to Europe 2005 travel blog

It is raining and gray but cooler here thank god. We have travelled over 20 hours to make a six hour trip. what head case planned this anyway? But all was smooth, the drive to Maryland, the flight to Iceland, connection over to London and the transport to Edgware. The kids are seasoned travellers it is clear. They watched the movies (Fried Green Tomatoes and old re-runs of Mad About You) and slept and ate their airplane food. Even Alex, though he gave non-stop commentary (In the sky, see the bird, in the sky see the stars) for a loooonnnnnnngggggg time, finally passed out and did not cry or scream or throw matchbox cars or thank god, throw up. We checked into a gigantic room (thank you for the arrangements Paul!) and ate dinner at aunt bridies fav restaurant Four Seasons. After a nice glass of wine I was ready to go but the kids were off their rockers and my mum and aunt sent me packing back to the hotel. Tomorrow is another day... :-)

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