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"Love" wall of plants in Tocaya Restaurant

Large wall of live plants in Tocaya Restaurant

San Diego scooter parking

Sandy and I arrived safely in San Diego, but not without an amusing incident on the flight from Charlotte to San Diego. Since we travelled in First Class, we were provided lunch that ended with a delicious, warm chocolate chip cookie. Much to my amazement, Sandy seemed to wind up wearing a good amount of said cookie on her white blouse. Thankfully, the flight attendant provided some club soda for Sandy to cleanse herself. When she successfully did so, she looked like someone who participated in a wet T-shirt contest! Good news, beside giving me "ribbing time" for a while, is that Sandy succeeded in obliterating the cookie remains from her blouse. Interesting start to our trip!

We wandered around downtown San Diego a bit this afternoon, primarily in the Gaslamp Quarter, wherein we encountered a combination of shops, restaurants, and some part of the city's so-called "Tenderloin District." We did find an excellent organic Mexican restaurant, called Tocaya on 5th Avenue. Aside from very good food, the interior of the place had unusual decorations in the form of plants. The first picture is self-explanatory and the second shows a large wall of real plants that has its own irrigation system. Cool!

As we perambulated downtown, we observed an unusual method of parking urban scooters. The attached photo accurately portrays this odd parking process, simply dropping them on the sidewalk.

More San Diego tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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