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We’d always enjoyed long road trips with our children Adia and Raj, and 1992 was no different. Anil’s school was closed for the vacation for all of June, July and August. We liked to get away right at the end of May in order to avoid the crowds during the summer and that year we planned to drive to Vancouver, take the ferry to Vancouver Island and eventually make our way to the end/beginning of the TransCanada Highway at Tofino.

The previous year Adia had been invited to spend a few weeks in Nova Scotia with our friends the Bohnets and their daughter Felicity. While she was there, we flew to Washington, DC with Raj and ended up exploring many of the Civil War battlefield sites in the New England states.

In 1992, we wanted to reciprocate the hospitality that Adia had been shown, so we took Felicity along with us to tour around the opposite side of Canada for a change. We only stayed a couple of nights in Tofino, and spent the day in between trying body-surfing at Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park, situated between the towns of Tofino and Ucluelet.

We hadn’t made a reservation for accommodations and were very lucky to find a place to stay – there were few motels and resorts that long ago – and most were booked up a year in advance! We found the last room at the Dolphin Motel; it didn’t look like much, but it had recently been renovated with new carpets and beds.

Before leaving the west coast, we drove through tiny Ucluelet and all I really remember about it was the tiny marina and the quaint fishing huts along the shore. Besides the fun we had trying wetsuits for the very first time, one lasting impression was the stomach-churning winding road between Port Alberni and the T-junction where drivers chose between Tofino and Ucluelet.

In the last 26 years, tourism has grown exponentially, and I’ve always wanted to go back but work and other travel plans always seemed to get in the way. For the past 12 years since we retired, we were never in Canada during the shoulder seasons, and we weren’t interested in visiting when the towns were crowded and the prices skyrocket.

At last, Adia hit on a time when we could go together. Anil was happy to stay home in Victoria, he too remembered the long drive and that winding road, and wasn’t keen on joining us. As it turned out, Adia’s husband band, The New Groovement had three ‘gigs’ that weekend, the Friday night in Cumberland, Saturday night in Tofino and Sunday night in Port Alberni.

Adia and I would be on our own, with George the dachshund to keep us company, but we hoped to see the New Groovement’s show and hear songs from a new album they were just beginning to promote.


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