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Motokars n Iquitos reminded us of Thailand and Ndia

Boras Cultural Show

Aria Amazon, our home for 3 nights

Pre-historic looking cat fish

The sloth


Long-nose tree bats


Sundowners on the river with champage and plaintain chips

Obviously the picture label pirhna fishing is a catfish!, i have tried to change it twice! I give up!

The Amazon is amazing. While on the water looking for birds and wild life, the misquitos were not bad. But during our jungle walk, they were thick. But my Craghopper insect repellant clothe did the trick. No bites! We have seen dozens of hawks, terns, kingfishers, ospreys, caracara, swifts, swallow, etc. but the little long nose bats were really cool. We saw a 3 toed sloth the first day! We did fish for pirhna. Frank and I did not have the patience and would stave if we were dependent on fishng! But many people catch many of them. They are small, but the teeth are mighty.

Left on Christmas day vowing to come back. 12 hours of travel later we were in the Sacrd Valley. Saw Sky Lodge on a mountainside where you have to rock climb to get in. Thought of my neice Sophie who likes to rock climb.

Today we explored Ollantaytambo. Ollantay was killed by a king when he started to build the temple and fort. But tambo means resting place. So ollantaytambo is the resting place of Ollantaytambo. Then we visited Chinchera where we learned about dying the alpaca and weaving. Of course I purchased some baby alpaca, but it was expensive. Then we went to more ruins, terraces and irrigation aquaducts.

We took a long siesta this after noon.

Tomorrow off to Machu Picchu!

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