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Nashville to LAX and then LAX to AKL.

Pretty uneventful first leg from BNA to LAX - gave up my first class seat to Yates as he was complaining about legroom in coach (pretty funny huh?)- figured it was a small sacrifice for when I take advantage of the business class seat between LAX and AKL and punt him to premium economy.

Once we arrived at LAX (around 6pm PST), we had 5 hours to kill so took the opportunity walk around the airport with the family and then head over to the international terminal, which is definitely a better experience and one worth doing if you ever have the time - it is a whole different world and feels incredibly European.

After hanging in the main atrium for a bit, we headed to the Qantas lounge and had dinner/charged our devices. While the free food and drink didn't necessarily make up for the cost of the business class tickets, it was nice to feel like we were "beating the system" in a way.

Based on what everyone has said about Qantas Business Class, it is apparently quite the regal experience - unfortunately, our flight was a codeshare and was actually operated by American Airlines. As such, it felt every bit like any of their other flights (domestic ones mind you) - surly flight attendants, underwhelming service and none of the appointments that the larger international airlines offer. Fortunately, our trip back will be the real deal Qantas on an A380 - already looking forward to the experience.

Be back in 15.5 hours when we land in AKL.

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