Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog

This trip is an unplanned, loosely planned and let’s see what happens sort of excursion. Our original California, Oregon, and Washington trip was cancelled due to Tom’s health emergency in March/April. But we did make it to a family wedding at the endof April. After that trip my mom fell and broke her hip. After several chapters to that journey she passed away on July 11, 2016. We waited until Timothy returned from his Alaska adventure. Mom’s military memorial service was on October 11, 2016 and Tom and I hit the road October 12, 2016 to get out of Dodge.

This trip will be much different than others because it will not be as long- more than 5 but less than 6 weeks – and we will get to make several stops to visit family between the stops on our California coast adventure.

Day 1 was supposed to take us to Ash Fork, AZ for a one night stop but we ended up in Seligman, AZ. More later.

A couple of observations as we travelled west on I-40:

There was much less road construction than we have experienced in the past. That made for an easier, quicker drive but it did seem odd since there is a need for some of this road to be fixed.

Just east of Gallup we realized that there was virtually no train traffic. Generally there are many, many trains heading east and west. There were none. We finally saw an eastbound just near the Arizona state line,. Then we started seeing all those missing trains stopped on the tracks. Eventually we saw that there was some kind of maintenance being done. We were glad that we were in our ‘’Rig” rather than on qa train.

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