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For many years we have researched locations outside the U.S. for potential retirement spots. Uruguay came up on the list many times...friendliness to Americans, a well established expat community, decent, affordable healthcare, high quality of life, and temperate climate and political scenes. We just weren't sure when we'd visit when opportunities for trips to Italy or Greece came up they seemed to take presidence.. But, something kept nagging at us to visit this, relatively unknown, little country in South America. It also interested our daughter Payton, who is an adventurer like us, and wanted to practice her Spanish, which she'd been taking since grade school. Our son, Brandon, had little interest in joining us. This made the timing for the trip perfect for our last spring break with Payton before she enters college in the fall. Brandon's break from college was the week prior so we were still able to see him during his break then take Payton on hers.

We finalized our packing, several times over the last hours, and were finally ready to go. My sister, Jackie, who would be watching my fur baby Harley while we were gone, dropped us at the airport once Payton arrived home from school. Our first flight would take us from Raleigh to Charlotte. We had little layover before boarding our flight to Miami. We were able to upgrade to First class a few weeks before our trip which gave us a wonderful experience. The flight attendant was really funny...announcing things while boarding like "Welcome aboard. On today's flight we have 137 people... and only 125 seats, so please find yours quickly". In Miami we had Business class seats to Montevideo, perfect for the 9 hr overnight flight. It was a real treat...except for the 1.5 hr maintenance delay. We boarded at 8:45 pm for our 9:45 flight, which took off about 11 pm. The main drawback was them serving dinner at midnight! But, we were able to sit back, take a nap or watch a movie. With the lay flat seats we were able to get some decent rest before the woke us to serve breakfast. Not a bad way to travel!

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