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About to leave - a flat tire !!

Just had to replace a bad valve

Off we go, east bound

Oh no, the engine just quit on the interstate

Quite a procedure to prepare for a tow

We got the coach ready to leave and while Larry was checking the air in the tires he found a flat tire. It was the rear inner dually on the drivers side. I called Good Sam Emergency Road Service. The call out was free but any repair or tire replacement would be on us. It ended up to be about $94 for the repair & labor, it needed a new stem.

So, we finally got to leave about 12:30 p.m. when about an hour later, driving through Riverside, the engine died. Called Good Sam Emergency Road Service again. When the tow truck was dispatched and finally arrived, it took well over an hour to prepare the coach to be towed (they had to disconnect the drive shaft of the coach). They took us to L.A. Freightliner in Fontana, because Good Sam supposedly checked with them first for doing repairs on motorhomes.

On the way there, as we followed in our car, we saw our coach brakes smoking. I immediately called the tow company dispatch, to call the tow driver, to tell him to pull over immediately. Long story but it was remedied before anything worse happened. Hope the brakes are not ruined.

Arriving at LA Freightliner, we were told they do not work on motorhomes but their affiliate down the street does. However they are now closed because it was Saturday and after 5 p.m. The tow driver took our coach to their Tow Yard where we grabbed some clothing and personal items and drove back to my sister’s house in Garden Grove. We are now officially homeless.

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