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September 2

We departed from Elmshorn on the morning of September 2, heading Southbound for Bad Kissingen in northern Bavaria, also known as Frankenland.

The weather was good, no rain, that's not too bad. No traffic jam, even better, but numerous road works. I hate the German transport minister!! He promised to fix the german Autobahn network the coming years fore a mere €4,5bn. Why didn't he wait until we were through? Anyway, all according to plan.

The hotel, Wyndham Garden, at Bad Kissingen appeared to be in the city center, no surprise, I booked it myself! Common hotel, with common room, common breakfast and common personnel, for an uncommon price!!

Nice town, not overcrowded at this time of the year. We had great food, some local specialties, from the nearby Saale, the river flowing towards....another river....!!??

We slept, woke up, get dressed and continued towards Lindau am Bodensee.

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