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Feeding Time

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Another great day on the road. We did leave home around 9:30 am for the start of our next journey. We will travel to my sister’s, Jo, in Lawton Michigan to load and prepare for our trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for a couple of weeks with a stop at Darcy and Mark’s for a few days. Lucky for us Mark will be getting home on Sunday from the oil fields for his 10 days off. We will make some stops along the way at Mackinaw Island, Tahquamenon Falls, Picture Rocks, and the Glass Bottom boats. There will be other stops but we will need to see where they will be. Our trip to Lawton was uneventful, just up I-23 to I-94 west to the Lawton exit.

We arrived at the Waitas Estate around 1:30pm for our 2 night stay. We will be here until Monday morning which at that time we will start our journey north. As we all sat around on the porch the Hummingbirds were upset because the feeders were empty. Jo filled them up and they were happy again but fighting between themselves over who gets to eat first.

That will be it for this day, tomorrow will be another day. I see I will be mowing grass tomorrow so we don’t come back to everything a foot tall.

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