on the move with qings, Spring 15 travel blog

We began our journey in the usual way...at home.... having secured the cats, dog, house, with trusty housesitter Kramus, and the 4H project otherwise known as the 27 chickens with Ashley our co-homeschooler, because I know you all want to know... and drove to Portland to visit with Nathan and Lisa, parents of Eliana, who came home from China with the Qings. By God's grace, they moved from Ohio to Portland and we moved to North Bend and now we can see them when we fly through Portland and they even let us park in their driveway.... plus they transfer our vehicles and evenly occasionally, cats. Apologies for any repetition here. Come on, now.

This was a joyous reunion after three years too many, but it was like we never left for points around the world.

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