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Those who know me will be unsurprised that this Saturday morning I am feeling a little liverish, having sampled the charms of the 'Celtic Crossing' pub last nigt. (Hello to everyone there, especially Steve and Laura)

I arrived as planned on Thursday, and having eventually got to my hotel, raided the mini bar and watched crap TV before sleeping the sleep of the righteous (a change for me). Yesterday morning I wandered out to catch my first glimpse of Lake Michigan's lovely grey misty and atmospheric expanses, followed by a formidable breakfast, rather self-depracatingly called 'Glorified bacon and eggs'. After this I felt it was time to get hideously lost on the 'El train" system and eventually stumble across the Chicago Cultural Centre, filled with great exhibits, I especially liked ' flying carpets' a selection of aeroplane shapes made out of carpets; very odd.

After a stroll around Grant Pak, I realised I was desparate to have a conversation that did not involve me asking directions to somewhere, so I headed to the boozer...which is where we came in......

I think Chicago is THE friendliest place I have ever been (yes even more so than Swansea).

Leave a message if you feel like.... even if it's to tell me to liven things up a bit...Cheers

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