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We had been looking for a suitable two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo in Victoria since June 2014 but nothing on the market was just what we were looking for. There were some new condos under construction but there were so very small for the price being quoted. Anil was quite insistent that we find a new place, he wasn’t at all keen on the idea of an older condo that we would have to renovate.

Our daughter lived in a great building but had instructed us not to even think about being so very close to her and her husband. I think she was worried that I would be at her door all hours of the day or evening, and they would lose some of their privacy. Her attitude changed dramatically over the course of the period June 2014 – Dec 2014 when we were living in various AirBnB apartments while we experimented in living in different neighbourhoods, trying to find the pluses and minuses of each.

That summer she took over the responsibility of caring for our son’s dachshund, George and more often than not she would text me to see if I wanted to join her when she was taking him down to the beach for a walk. As the summer progressed into fall, I think she found that she was reaching out to us for get-togethers more than vice versa.

Anil and I were so used to being on our own as we travelled the world for nine years, we pretty much left it up to them to spend time with us when it worked well for them. Eventually, Adia changed her mind and even suggested that we consider their building complex, Regents Park, as a possible location for us to consider.

I was doubtful that we would be able to find a suitable condo there, mostly because we would only consider the larger of the two floor-plans, the unit would have to be south-facing and preferably no higher than the 4th floor so that the stairs were an options for exercise and safety. Neither of the two ground floor units was suitable so that left only twelve possible units and our daughter and her husband lived in one and the building manager lived in another.

What were the chances that one of the ten possible condos would come up for sale in the near future? There wasn’t a high turnover rate in the building because the units were relatively spacious, the building was well-managed and the location was just a short walk from all of the downtown amenities.

By early January we began to think that there wasn’t much point of us staying around, looking a the few condos that were for sale during the winter months, so we went ahead and booked our flights to Sydney, Australia. We planned to be away for 8 – 10 weeks and we could resume our search when we returned.

To our surprise, a week before we were due to leave, I checked my email upon coming out of a movie theatre and found an email from the realtor letting us know that a condo was coming on the market the next morning. There was a link to photos of the 2nd-floor condo and it just so happened it was in the west tower (our daughter and son in law live in the east tower).

We couldn’t believe our luck! We asked the realtor to arrange for us to see the condo first thing the next morning and we judged it to be pretty much what we were looking for. The kitchen and bathrooms had recently been upgraded and the condo had been painted throughout.

The living room was painted almost exactly the same colour we’d painted our home in Edmonton; the condo we’d sold nine years earlier so that we could travel the world. We weren’t too keen on the colour scheme, it was time for a change after all the intervening years, but that could be easily remedied. We loved the fact that the condo overlooked the gardens and fountain beside the circular driveway.

By the end of the day, if we’d had one, we could have hung a sign on the door saying ‘Kapoor’s Residence’.

As a small aside to the story, we ended up becoming great friends with the lovely Mexican woman who owned the apartment. Her Canadian husband had recently died and she was returning to Guadalajara to be closer to her daughters and her grandchildren. Over the years, she has visited us and we have stayed with her in Mexico. What a terrific end to a long and drawn-out house-hunt.


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