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A Stunning View Of Mt. Baker As We Boarded The Ferry From...



After nine months in Canada, it was time to set off once again. We cut Year Eight short because we wanted to be nearby when our granddaughter was due to be born. In hindsight, it was great that we were in Victoria early because I was also able to attend a baby shower held for Vy in Calgary in January.

To our surprise, and delight, Olivia Le Kapoor arrived just before midnight on February 9th, almost a month before her expected due date. Our daughter was also born on February 9th making the date all the more memorable. We made a second trip to Calgary to hold Olivia for the first time. Over the course of the spring and summer, we managed a trip to Calgary almost every month.

We will be returning to Victoria on Christmas Day, so there will really be a Part A and a Part B to ‘Year Nine’. We’ve already booked our departure flight for February 2015, so here’s hoping we stay hale and hearty till then.


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