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Our new home on the road!

Bitter sweet leaving Oklahoma!

Our first stop- Waco, Texas. Much thanks to Scott and Steve for...

Couch surfing on the most comfy couch! Love u Scott

Chris and Scott-adorable!

Me and Scott- We always take great pics together :-)

Chris and i both decided it was time for a big change in our lives. For myself, having been a nurse for many years and working at the same job for so long it was time for something different. Truly different. I started reading about people who traveled without a specific time frame, destination or itinerary in mind. I thought to myself, "Could we do this?'' YES! So we decided to make the plunge! Quit our jobs, sell everything, pack up and hit the road! We don't know what the future holds, we do know we want to experience life, people and more simplicity. We decided to visit some friends along the way and the first leg of our journey brought us to Waco, Texas to visit our dear friend Scott. Perfect evening after a long trip from Oklahoma. It's now Sunday, March 16 and we will be heading for Austn, Texas tomorrow for St. Patricks Day! We are so excited our journey has finally begun!

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