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Well, a pleasant uneventful start to our holiday this year although Kevin and I both had to work up to Wednesday afternoon, and David had a funeral to attend on Tuesday in Canberra and didn't get back till 2, so we were all a little rushed.

All else went surprisingly well though with the driver turning up on time, an unbelievably quick trip to the airport, a rapid checkin as Kevin had checked us in online, and then onto the international Qantas club lounge.

So all that went very smoothly. We were treated like royalty in the Qantas club and goodbyes said to family we were boarding. We flew on an A380 and were seated 2nd row from the front in cattle class. Next to the aisle was a staff office which looked like it was getting constant use.

Anyway, the attendant told us we could move down the back and Kevin and I took off like rockets to scout out a location.

We found a row of 4 unoccupied with a bulkhead in front of us so heaps of leg room. We grabbed them. Minor messing about moving our stuff as it felt like we were also in a different timezone the plane is so big. Crikey... Those planes are huge. Business class and first class are upstairs as you know...

Anyway we settled in and fattened up.

The meals seemed huge. Only saw alcohol offered once, but so what.

(I do have fond memories of my first trip though with Singapore airlines and the many many Singapore slings I had. They were good.)

Anyway 1 light beer and stuffed full of food, I settled down to watch the great gatsby as I'd missed it at home about 4 times with friends because I was too sick. I missed the middle bit... I was so tired.. But the start and end were good.

David and Kevin seemed to sleep well with the extra legroom.. Apparently I slept through the bit where they had little meat pies as well in the night. Goodness only knows how they forced those down....

As usual we like a good freebie. So we scammed extra care packs. We love them as these ones are shaped for phones, cameras or music devices and have a belt placket and a hole for speakers so way better than the usual little bags with their dodgy zips. I'm not sure what we will do with the multiple sets of eyeshades, socks and toothbrushes.

I'm not sure if I've told you before but I'm ALWAYS freezing on the plane so I talk my new v long coat that is like a Doona. It's big and fluffy and quite heavy/bulky but I was so pleased with my forward planning.

Anyway... This flight... Soooo hot... So the coat got jammed into the locker above and just caused grief when I was trying to carry it everywhere before and after the flight. The damned thing was like a slinky. Kept getting away from me. (Should have seen the taxi drivers eyes in Dubai when I handed him the coat. So funny..)

I actually bought something duty free. I got 2 watches with dual faces. I love them. Should be better quality than the ones I get from Singapore. I just need to get a new watchband. I guess that means shopping....

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