2013 North Carolina travel blog

Our trip started at 1:30 pm from home as we pulled out from home for our southern trip. Our plan is to drive to exit 171 at Walton KY for fuel and stop for the night.

The weather was beautiful and traffic was moving very well until we go to Exit 15, north of Cincinnati. I was told around Exit 6 there was construction where traffic was pretty slow because of this. I thought that wouldn’t be so back, wrong, the traffic back up began at Exit 15 and was stop and go until we reached the bridge over the Ohio River.

We got to the Flying J at exit 15 around 6:00 pm, got fuel and decided it was too early to stop for the night, so we drove on until we got to exit 95 and was going to stay at the Richmond KY Pilot truck stop. We go there and found that the place was full with truckers with no empty spots. I check the new Randy McNally GPS for the closest Wal Mart and found one just 8 miles away, so to the Wal Mart we drove. It was located down the street from the Eastern Kentucky University and the area was very nice so there were not issues with staying there. We got parked, moved the slide out on the front so we could open up the sofa bed for Roger and Marsha. It was a very restful night with very little traffic or noise. That was it for the night.

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