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Starting Out in the snow - Martinsburg, WV

Staying in the snow - Wytheville KOA Virginia

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Here we sit in Wytheville, VA KOA assembled and ready to strike out to Augusta, Georgia or where the girls decide we are going to stop tomorrow night. Virginia and Penny left the Pittsburgh area about 9:00 AM and we left Martinsburg about 9:45 and we pulled into the camp ground about the same time (4:00 PM). We traveled about 260 miles strait down I-81 to Wytheville where I-77 and I-81 intersects. Cindy almost had dinner done, when smoke started filling up LUCY, oh my! - the MICROWAVE burned up. Oh Sh--! Fireman in me is to “turn off the power”, did that and smoke receded. Cindy was intent on doing dinner so we fired up the microwave again and same results. Turned off the circuit breaker and finished dinner on the gas stove – it was delicious – stuffed cabbage and mash potatoes and plenty of boxed wine we were having a great time. Later, Cindy said let’s GOOGLE the Samsung microwave, and I said, no I’ll GOOGLE Bryan. Took the microwave apart and smelled burnt wires, etc. Have to do cooking on the stove top, oh well.

The trip was almost delayed when Ed got really sick Thursday, then John C got sick Saturday. Ed recovered Friday and we took John C to the vet ($200.00) for blood work and the examination. Cindy and I were really thinking John C would be left at home and not come home from the Vet, but we took the chance and he had a miraculous recovery same as me. He is force fed some medications twice a day (that is fun and entertaining to watch). Once we started moving, John C perked up and drank his first water and ate some food in almost 30 hours.

Susie, Penny's cat, is also traveling with us in Penny's car. She is a screamer while she is the car and moving. She also has feline lukemia, so Penny decided to drug her to get her settled down for traveling and Virginia burst out (THIS IS R RATED). "a drunken pussy". Oh my, these girls are awful.

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