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Well the rainy season is here to stay.The mornings start of nice and sunny,but as the day progresses the clouds roll in and then the rain.I guess it would'nt be so bad if the roads here weren't so jacked up.Some of the people I talk to here seem to like it,to each his own I guess.It's a little bit like Florida without the humidity and I could'nt stand the rain in Florida either.It's a good thing I bought a poncho with me,it will definetly come in handy here.I had to see a Doctor today to get some medicine for a slight stomach flu.I guess it's pretty common for travelers so I'll be glad when it's gone.

I'm probably gonna lay low for the next few days and study a bunch.This medicine I'm taking I cannot drink with so it's a good excuse to stay in.I am gonna go to a party Saturday night for my salsa insructor so that should be fun.Also the local soccer team has made the playoffs so it's a pretty big deal here so I'm gonna watch that with some new friends as well.Everything else has been pretty much the same,school in the morning,the gym,salsa lessons,and then some beer drinking with friends.It's real easy to meet people and most are real friendly so I fit in here pretty well.Time to go memorize some more verbs!

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