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Argentina at the airport, Buenos Aires

Our seat on the Fast cat across the Rio Del Plata

Leaving Buenos Aires by the Fast Cat

Opening the gate to finally get Paco out of his 8 month...

getting paco off the blocks and then to start him.

Driving downtown Colonia, Uru.

Our favorite Parrilla in the old town of Colonia

The prep for Carnival in Colonia, parades are the same the world...

Oh dear does this gal's mom know she is doing this

Karla and I both had these huge heart attack sandwiches off a...

Samba drums that followed flags and dancers.

These gals sure can dance

I am so glad that it was warm

Each group had slightly different costumes but the bodies were NOT the...

This little kid was having a great time with his dad, even...

The old grand pa and grand ma always in the front with...

Ms Delgado and her grand daughter and great grand daughter. A great...

Our free camp in Pasayandu.

sunset in our free camp all seemed to be well until the...

Entering Argentina

We made it back to South America on the 21st of Jan. We traveled directly to Urugay from BA via a fast Cat across the Rio De la Plata. We met up with Ms. Delgado and got permission to get our car Paco. She let us stay in the space for two nights.

The car started the first time I tried. Wow. I had a huge water leak, and when we filled

the gas tank it leaked. Oh, these Westys. We drove around and the water leak stoped, and the gas leak persist. I will fix this in Rosario, this is a typical thing with the gas


Karla cleaned the car up and got it ready for the trip to Rosario, Argentina. To meet some friends and have the car worked on. We spent a day on Sunday traveling to Pasayandu

, the boarder city to Argentina. Camped in a free city park, oh, free means partying all night until 1:00 am. My only positive thing about hearing aids is that nights like that, all I need to do is take them out... although that didn´t help much that night.

We got a treat, Saturday night was a preparation festival for Carnival... We watched Samba troop after troop for almost 2.5 hours. Wow, the dancers hardly wore anything and do I love those string bakinis... each group had the same exact set up. Dancers, then a bunch of drums, three different kinds.

They were loud.
They were usually white with black face paint. This is all from the African culture, called Condamble. It was a family evening and the streets were full of people of all ages. We left at 10:30 pm and the parade seemed to have no end. Very fun time. our ears were ringing for hours afterward...

We are now in Rosario, at Mariano´s home. I am doing some service and repairs to paco getting him ready for the Caratara Austral in Chile. It is a remote dirt road that we plan to travel on for a few weeks. Everything seems to be working out just great. I am sure that this may have something to do with my Dad, praying for us daily.

Cheers to you all,

Gary and Karla

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