Orient Express 09 travel blog

Hi All,

Well the long awaited blog!

The intrepid travelers are off straight after the Grand final.

Flying out to Hong Kong for a brief stopover, and then onto China.

We are on an organised tour again.... Wendy Wu this time....

Does that make us Woosters?

Going to Hong Kong has been a life long dream for me after reading the James Clavell books back in the 70's - 80's.... Yes I know... written on papyrus, when dinosaurs ruled the earth!

Well anyway....At long last!.

For those who know... its a hard one, this one, as Tim was supposed to be doing this with me.

Will I ever forgive him... hmmm. I guess I'll have to try.

Its packing a lot in.. hence the express.. but I'm crossing my fingers for good weather, good food and lots to see and do. I figure if theres a few laughs and a bit of sleep.. what more could a girl ask for?

I've got more holes in me than a colander, after many many inoculations... Ive almost had to mortgage the house to pay the bills. Apparently Helen and the boys havent... so lets see whether my over zealous Dr has done me proud!

I believe we could have some G rated readers so Ive had to pass up a really good joke just there about the needles! Im sure those of you with similar minds can figure it out all by yourselves!!!!

Im packed except for the clothes...

So... Ready Set...

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