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Haystack Rock from Cape Kawanda State Park beach - Pacific City, OR.

Haystack Rock and Cape Kawanda - Pacific City, OR.

Cape Kawanda north of from the north side of the cape.

Rita, 5 grandkids & May @ Pac City.

Sun beginning to set at Cape Kawanda and Haystack Rock.

Sun setting behind The Girls over the Pacific Ocean.

May on the beach at sunset.

Sunset dropping into the fogbank and the Pacific Ocean.

Another view of the sun setting into the ocean.

Sunset from our campsite @ Pacific City Thousand Trails Preserve.

Grandma and grandkids love being together at the beach.

"Alfie" and "The Silver Breeze" relaxing in camp @ Pacific City TT.

I suppose that it wouldn't be appropriate to start a journey to the sunrise coast without a journey first to the sunset coast. This summer Rita and I had the opportunity to camp with our grand-kids and all but Jennifer at Pacific City Thousand Trails Preserve in June. Jennifer got to stay home and do her homework in a quiet house. She is working on her masters program in Secondary Education at George Fox University this summer and next year. But we missed her anyway.

You can't beat the natural beauty of the Pacific Ocean and the West Coast. I have always enjoyed "going over to the coast" since I moved up to Oregon 41 years ago this summer. It impressed me the first time I made a visit. I was use to the sandy always warm beaches of Southern California. Which have their own beauty too. The Oregon coast is not much of a swimming beach I found out early on. It can be cold and windy. It has many places where the forest comes right down to the sea. Parts of the coastline with huge cliffs and massive rocks. Lots of bays and capes. Rough seas blasting the headlands at times during the winter months. I have been to the coast in the winters as well as the summers. The winter months at the coast are sometimes some of the best. Fewer people are there and the seas are often much wilder and dramatic. If you hit it just right it can be warm, calm and sunny too. Anytime that we go Rita and I are always ready to relax and enjoy God's natural beauty. We just spend our times walking the beach, reading, napping, and hanging out in general. Of course I love taking pictures of the variety of scenery and changes one always finds. The sunsets can be spectacular as any photographer knows. It is hard for me just to sit and watch. I have to try and capture the beauty. Of course you can't get the full effect by a picture. You miss the smells of the oceans damp musty air. The wind or breeze that seems to abate when there is a full sunset into the ocean. The birds flying about and the waves hitting the shoreline. It is all just an experience everyone should have.

As you can see in my last photograph in this entry. We now have a new horse in our team. The "Cracker" got traded for the "Silver Breeze". The Cracker traveled many a mile with us but he just didn't have the room behind the front seats to carry anything and I had to connect and disconnect the driveline when he was towed. I had this funky cable driveline disconnect installed since he was a 2WD automatic. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I hated having to crawl under the pick-up when we arrived at a park where we had to unhook. Sometimes I had to take a hammer and drive the collar that engaged or disengaged the driveline from the differential flange into engagement because it came out of adjustment often. Kind of a real nusense after driving for several hours. I have to admit the I did get a little angry once in a while. Rita was amazed that I did manage to stay relatively calm in spite of some circumstances. I guess that it comes from mellowing with age. Kind of like old wine.

Our next trip will be down the coast to a family reunion at Loon Lake Resort east of Reedsport, Oregon. Rita's Klan are gathering for their annual get together over next weekend. We enjoy visiting with the whole Ott and Payne family. Rita's mom (and my mother-in-law) Doris is also turning 80 years old. You wouldn't know it if you knew Doris. That woman is amazing and we both love her to the max. It should be a grand - shhh please don't tell her. Surprise party. The following weekend we begin our big trip to the East Coast.

Look forward to having you all as our guests. Don't forget the comments when you have one.

Love from us.

Dale, Rita & The Girls

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