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Piling up our stuff and cleaning

Each pile meant something in Nate's convoluted mind

Our INCREDIBLY packed 8 x 15 storage unit: for safety, only those...

Bill used his "fold like a taco and insert" approach to "store"...

Try as she may, Sam could not fit this last trash item...

Both of us thought the move out of our first house would be pretty straight forward: we got the moving truck Friday night, and Ben (90%) and I (10%) pulled the washer and dryer out of the basement and placed these and the piano on the truck before quitting for the evening. Saturday was hellacious, and Bill, Stef and Rachel exhibited astonishing prowess while packing our 8 x 15 storage space to the gills. We barely got the truck back on time (barely = we didn't, but they were kind and didn't charge us).

We weren't quite done packing, but figured Sunday would give us ample time to wrap up the moving festivities. At 11:00 or so Sunday night, we examined the mass of stuff still in our house (which was to change ownership the next day) and realized we might have a bit more to do. The new owner had said we could leave stuff in the house and move it Monday, which was a lifesaver. We stayed the night at Bill and Stef's and then spent the ENTIRE day Monday moving loads in the Blazer to our storage unit and to Bill and Stef's basement.

And to think one day we'll have to UNPACK the storage area . . .

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