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Well we have finally done it - we have left Perth and are on our way. Albeit a bit later than we had hoped but we did eventually find our way out of Fremantle and along the Great Eastern Highway. We arrived in Southern Cross at 5.30 and not a minute too soon as we had just enough light left to get ourselves set up. Bessie (the car) coped very well given the weight she has to pull. Now sitting comfortably in Pumpkin with Ken watching Top Gear and me on the computer (yes the Virgin modem is still working!!!). No signal on my phone though and we can't seem to find the charger for Ken's phone - mmmmmm.

Started my day off on not such a good note as I also cannot my find my sunglasses - yes the $180 ones I bought so I would have good eye protection as we traveled. I think I left them at Ruacco's Restaurant in South Fremantle but of course they were not open today were they (who has Monday off anyway?). Will try to phone them tomorrow to see if they have them then may have to grovel for a volunteer to pick them up for me.

For those who do not have it our new email address is

Will be off much earlier tomorrow heading for Coolgardie then stopping at Norseman. Will try to log in then.

No photos up yet as there seems to be a problem with the USB cord that loads them from my camera to my computer. Will have to sort that one out too.

Until tomorrow ......

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