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toms first bite

Hong Kong

Day 1: what an eventful day, turned up at the airport with so little sleep that we found ourselves at a hostel reminiscent of the film Hostel, noone to be seen, far too many bugs and our back packs in tow we proceeded to fall down steps and collect a few bumps and bites in the process. Still undeterred, we hiked up what seemed like a thousand steps with our packs on our backs, to see for ourselves the Big Buddha (photos to follow).Day 2: ocean park was the next adventure. an ad lib attempt at disney world, this place was very entertaining! Fried squid legs or not-so-nice looking chicken legs as a tasty choice of snack, and green jelly to follow, yum. Dolphin show with no dolphins and stange looking mascotts around every corner. The seals worked overtime that day and a very dissapointed looking tom proceeded back to the hostel. Met old friend ben (not to be confused with old-ben kanobi; please excuse toms sense of humour) and had a fab night on the town in central hong kong. Had the most delicious thai king prawn red curry, prawns were mahusive!!! With heads and everything (very messy buisness). Then got nicely drunk on a few strong gins and a sneaky tequila (bad dan).

Day 3: Stanley market. Bought a nice dress, the most colourful dress in the world, a reflection of my colourful mood. Tom has a bite the size of tasmania on his leg which spreads more and more by the hour. Tried not too buy much, my pack would be full already. In the evening we took the tram to victoria peak. We saw the most amazing views of the hong kong skyline, the photos do not do it justice, it has to be seen first hand. Will add photos soon!!!

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