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Hello everybody,

As we speak we are sat in Christchurch in the HotelSO (thats its name!!) The trip out was absolutly fine, Thai airlines were very good and the wine did flow. Managed to get Jon and Rach some Champer but no uprgade. The Air Hostess thought that I was asking if we could get them married on the plane as opposed to "We are on our way to a wedding!!"

The Hotel in Bangkok was fine, and perfectly situated in that it was ontop of a German Beer house. Erdinger tastic!!! We spent aboput 4 hours walking around bangkok which was good fun. Its just a totally mad city and very polluted. We managed to get across to the Kho San road (the traveller part) and were surrounded by the dreadlocked rubbish tattoo people (the proper travellers). On the second day in Bangkok we went for a good trip to the 'Golden Palace'. To those that haven't been, its the most amazing place full of jewel encrusted buildings. Part of the site is where the 'Reclining Budda' is. This is a 46 metre long golden Budda which has to be seen to be believed.

The food and drink in Bangkok was also very good. Noodles to die for and for roughly 50p you would get a massive plate from one of the local outlets. We were taken to a bar by Rach's friends, Abby and Griff (Awesome hosts) which is called Vertigo (thanks also to Sally and Clive for recommending). This bar is on the 59 floor of a really smart hotel. Of course I (C) turned up in shorts and there was dress code. I had to wear these aweful trousers and some gopping leather shoe things that the staff gave to me. Looked like an idiot (nothing new there - S)

We then travelled onto NZ. Imagine my (now S) shock and honour when, at Auckland airport, Jonah Lomu wondered through the departure lounge. I don't quite know what came over me - I think that the heckling Fairbairns are mostly to blame, along with some Sauv Blanc - but I raced over to him, barging kids out of the way and got an autograph! Then, even more embarrassingly, Chris got a photo of us together! yikes. This was all infront of about 100 people. Jonah and I are hooking up again up the coast (not). Amazing - probably the most famous Kiwi alive at the moment (Hillary died a few weeks back). The photo is on chris's folks camera, but will try to sort something out as proof.

We have just been cycling around a baking Christchurch for the day - beautfiul. Unfortunetely, I (S) have forgotten to put sun tan lotion on my arms. Need I say more? Off to Si and Carins tonight, then picking t'car up tomorrow and head off on our road trip. 5 days til the wedding! Yippeeeee!

Hope all well, just a quick message to my heartless parents who have failed to contact me for almost a week! Any one would think you are happy that I have gone.......

love to all,

S and C (new code names)

NB photos to follow soon

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