Costa Rica Surf Recon 2008 travel blog

We arrived in Playa Nosara Costa Rica Jan 11, flew inland on an 8 seat single prop plane and landed on the sketchiest jungle landing strip ever, it was a pretty interesting way to start the trip off. Also, we rented a cabina for a month with a 2 minute walk to the beach and all close to everything we need in town...groceries, water, surf wax etc.

I forgot about the little stresses that travelling brings with it. The exhaustion from waiting rooms at airport terminals, bus terminals and the long hour flights of recirculated air. When we arrived our first plan was foiled by lack of VISA acceptance for our accomodation. Cash all the money we had we put into this beach cabina and had to wait 3 days for more, sharing bagels, water and spent the first few nights with hungry stomachs. It all worked out in the end though. Yeah, alright more to come.


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