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Thursday, June 21st

Finally after a year of waiting and planning we're off on our Alaskan Adventure. It was a very early morning start with no sleep and lots of excitement! We made it to Northern California after catching up with Jim, Regina and friends just north of Bakersfield, who were headed to the races with Charles. We met at the races in Sonoma years ago and have made it an annual event ever since. Jim owns a bar, called "The Pen," in Huntington Beach. If you're not at the track, it's a great place to watch the races.

In Sacramento, Larry unhooked the jeep and took off on his leg to Michaels, Larry's son in Incline Village at Lake Tahoe, NV. Charles continued on to the races at Sonoma and will pick Larry up Monday morning, somewhere near the junction of I-5 and I-80. We then will continue where ever our spirits take us on our northern path, somewhere near the California/Oregon border!!!

This journal program has a lot of features that I'm not too familiar with, but hopefully I will catch up on a need to know basis. We'll be adding pictures for your enjoyment and try to chart or map our progress. If this works you'll be able to come along with us and see what we see and go where we go. I'm going in, wish me luck. If I'm not back by the first week in August, send help.

Keep checking in for updates. This just might be fun!

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