Forrest & Kolleen's Honeymoon travel blog

Are we there yet???

A true ZA braai (BBQ)

Grant and Lorraines home in Kayalami

Hey - Don't I know you?

HOLY CRAP BATMAN!! They're on the wrong side of the road!

View from our first room

Most South Western Point....most Southern Point to follow


What hospitality....

Wow! That was a really long flight, but worth every second of it. We left Thurs night and rode a red eye to DC. Our plan was to hit some museums but the weather was 28 degress with 30 mph winds and we were packed for summer. Thankfully a couple from Canada showed up 5 hours early and we hung out with them for 9 hours. The flight ( a total of 14 hours) was long but we managed to sleep quite a bit and were greeted by Grant and Micheal who came prepared with a cooler of Savannas, the classic South African summer beverage. This promptly led to 2 days of drinking and visiting at Grant and Micheals family estate in Kayalami a suburb of Johannesburg. (Take a look at the pics)

We arrived in Cape Town today. A little like Mexico at first...but they drive on the wrong side of the road....STAY LEFT! Forrest took to it like peas and carrots! :)

By the way, our lovely brother in law set us up with a 2007 BMW!! It's tight! As Paris would say -- "It's hot" Anyway...we drove through Table Mountain National Park today and saw some Baboon, Ostrich, and some sort of was great, can't wait to hit it tomorrow.

We came home tonight to a lovely display of rose petals and champagne! It was beautiful!

Well, we are alive for those who were worried...everyone should do this at least once in their lifetime...we plan on doing it several times if possible.

Love you all and we will see you soon!


Take a look at the seafood dinner....5 star dinner in Cape Town...R560 (560.00 RAND) rate 7:1...= 80 US Dollars for dinner, a bottle of wine, some champagne and dessert....PRICELESS!!

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