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Our visit to India?

Boston, MA

Are we there yet? -or will we ever get there? This is the question on our minds tonight as there could be a problem with Ann's visa to India. They misspelled her name Bozzick. To some, this may seem like an inconsequential detail, a triviality of sorts. To the astute Indian immigration official however, it is treachery of the highest caliber -or so worries Ann.

We are thick in the drudgery of trip preparation, and at this very moment Ann is suggesting that I abandon journal writing to tend to more 'urgent' matters. Like securing our visas for Vietnam. And finding a route through Laos. And deciding how many days to spend at Angkor Wat. As if we'll ever make it that far. It seems completely possible that we may instead spend the entire trip in the Delhi airport trying to convince an over-zealous authority that the mysterious Dorothy Ann Bozzick is really Dorothy Ann Bozick...

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