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Market at a waterfall, Kanchanaburi

Waterfall, poular with the Thai tourists

Death Valley Railway

Somnuk Elephant Camp

Our houseboat, River Kwai Noi

Washing Elephants after their night in the jungle

Washing Elephants after their night in the jungle

Rosie here. This was my favoutite part of the trip so far. Feeling defeated by the heat( I empathise with Icarus) and the scams of Bangkok, we joined an organised trip to visit the Bridge over the River Kwai, and stay overnight at an elephant camp. The Bridge was interesting but heaving with visitors and the heat was unbearable, neither of which are conducive with quiet contemplation. This came later at Hellfire Pass. This was a section of the Thailand-Myanmar railway that required the workers to chisel holes into rock and insert dynamite into the hole to blow away the rock to make way for the tracks. The museum here was modern and air conditioned, always helpful for clarifying thoughts and overlooked the hills of Myanmar. Interesting to be reminded how it was a world war, not just confined to Europe. I don't think that the role of the Far East in the war had ever entered my radar before. It was awesome and awful to be there.

And then the elephants. I was terrified. I'm pretty much terrified of everything. But sitting on an elephants head as it crawled down an almost vertical drop was too much for me. I've noticed this happen alot lately. Not the elephant head bit but the terror bit. It comes suddenly and I think, "I've done it again.I've put myself on an elephant/plane/scooter again and i just hang on and pray for safe delivery. Bugs are a big one too. They bring out the gollum in me. "can't go in that toilet, can't do it but we must, master says we must!" Still, i'm getting better at it and it's good to be scared of somethig real for a change, i guess.

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