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15 Aug 2005 by Diddy Diane
Re:  India

Wow, your trip seems to be getting more bizarre and interesting! Also a wonderful musical journey. And the dead bodies! OOer.

9 Aug 2005 by Diddy Diane
Re:  n n n 19

Hi Joe and Nico. Sounds like a great birthday despite being a bit ill!
You must both be experts on Chinese and Indian trains by now, and slightly fed up with spending so much time on them! You would ...  (more...)
6 Aug 2005 by Grandaddy & Grandmum Carpo Carpenter
Re:  Happy Birthday

Hi Joey, birthday greetings for your 19th, from the olds. Hope you have recovered from the tummy upset by now. Enjoy the rest of your journey, love to you and friends, Nanna & Grandad xxxxxxxxx
6 Aug 2005 by belinda shattock
Re:  Hello

Great to get your travel news. You must both feel odd without the others.Sorry to hesr that Shalini Hinduja was a washout you might have enjoyed the luxury. The Ardeche is incredibly hot and dry no ...  (more...)
5 Aug 2005 by Val Benson/Barraclough
Re:  Birthday Greetings, Joe

Its obvious that you are having a great trip and wonder what you can do to make August 5th extra special - I'm sure you will think of something!Happy
19th, Joe.
John has returned from Oz, now in ...  (more...)
26 Jul 2005 by Grandaddy & Grandmummy Carpo
Re:  Travels in China

Hi Joe and Nico, you sure are enjoying #######!!? your travels across China. Things are going to seem very hum-drum back in the U.K. We are all thinking of you, and can`t wait to see photos when you ...  (more...)
21 Jul 2005 by Soppy Soph Woodruffy
Re:  ello ello ello

joey its gooood 2 see that you are haveing a great time in the places i cant prenounce. I wish i was over there. Keep putting loads and loads of pictures on the website. Looking forwards to seeing you ...  (more...)
18 Jul 2005 by Jeremy Woodruff
Re:  Your trip

Hi Joe

Sorry I haven't emailed before but I have only just got the website address. It sounds like you are having a brilliant time. I'm so jealous!! Love the pictures, particularly the skydiving it ...  (more...)
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