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2 Oct 2011 by Cheree Webster
Re:  hi from back home!

Hi girls! Wow!!!! I have just been reading your latest entries and wow what a time you are having! What an amazing experience!!! If the photos are half as good as the editorials then wow... :)
I ...  (more...)
28 Sep 2011 by Annalise McDonald
Re:  Are We There Yet?

You can finally cross "watching Johnny Depp upside down while looking at polar ice caps" off your bucket list!!

Long haul flights are the pits but the journey is worth it. Looking forward to reading ...  (more...)
27 Sep 2011 by scott h
Re:  hey deb

hey deb.. havent seen many updates on here.. how is everything going ?
hope you are getting lots of good pics !

talk soon i hope.
26 Sep 2011 by Lateece Turner
Re:  Journel

Great reading your journel Debra!Glad to hear you made it safe and sound enjoy your adventure. Must catch up when you return.Have an awesome time!!!!
20 Sep 2011 by brett smarz
Re:  trip

hope having a great time missing you (debra) dont get eaten by anything haha watch your fingers when feeding (espacially cheetahs lions baboons & tigers(dont get lost no tigers in africa haha)HOT & ...  (more...)
20 Sep 2011 by Marc Grimer
Re:  I wish this page told you that you need to enter EVERY frickin field!

wot no news?
19 Sep 2011 by maree richardson
Re:  touchdown

Hey girls, very pleased you both safely reached your destination for an adventure of a lifetime. Thinking of you romping around with the animals like Jane - Any Tarzans in the vicinity ?? LOL All is ...  (more...)
16 Sep 2011 by Jenny Dredge
Re:  you arrived!!

Nice to hear you arrived safely. This is an awesome blog page. Get some sleep and enjoy!!
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