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Apr 18, 2013 by Mary Lou Stolp
Re:  Enjoy your journal.....

Wow, my heart was in my throat just reading about your trip in CA. You are one amazing women the way you can handle that truck!!!! Sure enjoy reading your journal....Safe travels to you both. Hugs, ...  (more...)
Sep 10, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  road trip

hey there you 2 bird watching must be fun and surely passes the time away while on the road. no matter what you post i truely enjoy it. i don,t know that much about birds but will get my information ...  (more...)
Aug 18, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  your trip this time out

LE sounds like you are really enjoy your trip this time out. wow what an adventure for sure and it takes special folks like you both to do the job. interesting as usual and love reading all about the ...  (more...)
Jul 3, 2012 by Bob King
Re:  HI !

Just saw your link when I was cleaning up my favorites folder and thought I'd say Hi. Read your last couple of posts and enjoyed them. Your writing style is comfortable and "down home" and I guess ...  (more...)
Jun 27, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  home

thanks for all the info must be hard being on the road for 4 weeks and i just know you will be glad to be back in maine. pray for a safe trip my GOD BLESSyou both cool mom huh!!!
Jun 22, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  colorado

just amazing how beautiful GOD made this world and each state is so different and pretty. so glad your able to see the sights plus get paid for it.the rock formation was great.thanks ever so much for ...  (more...)
Jun 19, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  your sore eyes

hey hope the eyes are better what the heck . i just want you both to know how much i enjoy going on the trips with you throgh this journal it is an adventure for me and feel like i am there with you ...  (more...)
Jun 17, 2012 by ann robbins
Re:  your trip

hey love your stories always interesting to me . the expereince you have had are good and some scarey for sure but GOD has been with you for sure.did some of this happen when you had the boys with ...  (more...)
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