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Sep 18, 2005 by Geoff and Norma Warhurst
Re:  You Fit Devil

Sunday Morning (18/9/2005 11.30am). Hi Andy, still following your progress with great admiration. You must be proud of what you have achieved so far, and are still achieving!! It must take a special ...  (more...)
Aug 25, 2005 by jeremy stopher
Re:  Holiday in NZ

Hi there Andy,

Hope you are well. You seem to be making good progress through NZ
Here is a very brief synopsis of my travels. After leaving Auckland, I headed for Tauranga and then proceeded down to ...  (more...)
Aug 17, 2005 by steve ferguson
Re:  landrover

Hi Andy
Hope the hills are treating you well, got the landover running without any hassle,goes like a rocket. have done the ferry landing loop twice this week.
I think next week i will bite the bullet ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2005 by Steve & Sylvia Haskins
Re:  Fishing

Hi Andy How's it going have you caught any fish yet or are you still buying from the " CHIPPY" Glad you arrived ok we were thinking about you Roy is marrying Tracy next week just thought i would let ...  (more...)
Aug 13, 2005 by steve ferguson
Re:  coromandel

Hi Andy, hope those coromandel hills have been kind to you, really enjoyed your company on the road, enjoy new zealand, cheers.
Jul 28, 2005 by alison tuner
Re:  hello hello made it to perth

so glad you made it ok and the legs are still attached!! kylie and i were a bit worried to say the least!!! hope you are well and had a wicked time!! i am off back to england soon, never mind, !!! ...  (more...)
Jul 25, 2005 by DAVE O HARA

Hi Mate, sorry it has taken a while to get back in touch, things have been a bit nuts for us lately but at least everyone is working again and doing well. Looks like you are having a ball although at ...  (more...)
Jul 13, 2005 by PAUL RAYNES

G'day Andy glad to hear you made it to Perth. It sounds like the trip across the Nullabour was a shocker with head winds and bugger all else out there. You certainly have earned a rest for a while so ...  (more...)
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