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13 Oct 2009 by Robbie MacPherson
Re:  Most recent trip

Hi there, would you know where a person could contact the complaint department regarding your site? Just have to let them know my butt hurts after reading through your journals. I laughed it off in a ...  (more...)
12 Oct 2009 by Valerie Wales
Re:  travel log

email me for a dialogue... I am traveling also, but have not put it on the web. I love your travel log... great to meet a fellow idiot who is will to do what we do.. VLW
12 Oct 2009 by Linette DeSano
Re:  just saying hello

Just wanted to say that I admire your courage, ambition and love for travel! Where are you now? Still traveling? Be safe. Stay open and Laugh a lot!!
16 Apr 2009 by Maniza Ismat
Re:  your great adventure to all 7 continents in such detail for more than 4 years

WOW!Amazing, you definitely inspire me even more now as I am currently traveling around the world. My plans are not as detail as yours and not so adventurous as yours, neither my health will permit so ...  (more...)
3 Jul 2008 by Mam Clegg
Re:  Litter Louts

I couldn't agree more; similar photos are available in Cyprus, and again its always the prettiest places. Maybe start a Facebook Group? xxx
17 Jun 2008 by simon bailey
Re:  latest picture

your latest picture - have you joined some radical movement whilst in the sub continent -look look like a bandit and less like jack sparrow
9 Jun 2008 by Bunny Bob
Re:  Your home page photo!

Mate your home page photo looks like you have just been mugged! I am still liking the beared though mate! Me thinks we shoucl all grow one for the beer festival! Please chaneg the picture dude, or you ...  (more...)
22 May 2008 by Hugs & Cuddles
Re:  OED = guarding again machinery with missing guards.

Hello Fruity,
Hope you are keeping well mate and you are really enjoying life in India again! You have missed our summer (it was last week), but if you hurry home you can just catch Autum (and a ...  (more...)
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