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6 Jun 2009 by Leslie Buechele
Re:  see you later!

Sandy! I can't believe I didn't get to say "see you later" this morning. I didn't even hear you leave! Did your alarm go off? You sneaked out! :) It was such a joy to meet you. I'll always remember ...  (more...)
5 Jun 2009 by Lara DeVries
Re:  ....

Thanks for sharing!! You've made such an impact with Moises and Julian, not to mention the kids on Zone Z. Thanks a million!
4 Jun 2009 by ginny mcgarrity
Re:  hi

loving your journal. pic are great. I bet you are having a wonderful time.
4 Jun 2009 by Jill Barker
Re:  Great update

Hey Girl,

Another great update. Do the children attend another school as well or is this their only chance for an education??? So cool that you can be a part of this organization from day 1. Keep the ...  (more...)
4 Jun 2009 by dana Frost
Re:  updates

Buenos dias, Sandy! Loved catching up on your adventures. I'm feeling the dust and the cold shower...I held my breath through every shower I took at Jacy's aunt's house and I waited until I was good ...  (more...)
4 Jun 2009 by Coleen Schwan
Re:  Real World

OK, I was going to give you an update on the 'Real World' but I think you are living it more than any of us could possibly imagine. I'm REALLY proud of you and thankful for the people you are helping ...  (more...)
3 Jun 2009 by Rick K
Re:  Keep up the great work

Donkey Heart and flying in the same year. You are pushing the envelope. The photos are great and you are helping to change lives.
2 Jun 2009 by Jill Barker
Re:  Amazing!

I don't even have words for what you are doing. This is truly a life changing experience. Thank you for sharing it all with us. I feel honored to be a part of it. You are have a true generous ...  (more...)
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