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May 17, 2005 by Amanda Smith
Re:  How are you?

Just wondering how you 2 are?? Like the Fiji photos by the way, look very similar to ours!! Had some of my photos printed and a couple enlarged includingn a couple of our Dingo experience where we ...  (more...)
Mar 8, 2005 by becky mcwilliams
Re:  hi hope u had good trip

hey, hope u guys had a wicked time in nz. it was great fun hangin round with u for a month. im in river valley again but have decided to keep off the wine while here.
remember to keep in touch, and i ...  (more...)
Mar 7, 2005 by ELANA Bailey
Re:  You did it!

Dear H and M, Congrats on your fabulous trip down under (taking in the sites of Thailand, Australia, NZ and Fiji.) It sounds and looks like you have had yourselves hundreds of adventures and Paul and ...  (more...)
Mar 2, 2005 by Norman Brown
Re:  Near the end of it!

Dear U2
Sorry to hear of your stay in Auckland airport vicinity, but at least you had a rest and free accommodation. Hopefully you are now in Fiji and beginning to prepare yourselves for our very, ...  (more...)
Feb 26, 2005 by jackie lawrence
Re:  make the most of it

Hi Guys

Nearly over... make the most of your days getting some sun and Michelle finding a man! Looking forward to seeing you when you get back

Jackie and IvanXX
Feb 25, 2005 by z v
Re:  Wow

Those photo's are lovely, what an experiance you both have had, now what am I going to look forward to, every week now? not sure if you will get a chance to jump onto a computer before you get home, ...  (more...)
Feb 23, 2005 by Jenny Beale
Re:  hiya

Hi Mich & Hannah

WOW and double WOW I can't believe you both did a bungee jump - very brave you wouldn't get me doing that. So what will you both do next???? You really have been keeping busy and ...  (more...)
Feb 22, 2005 by lynda barber
Re:  news

hi girls loved the last set of pictures seems like your having loads of fun quite a variety of activities tell hannah i think she is very brave or was she bullied by michie anyway well done both of ...  (more...)
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