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Jun 23, 2005 by Mathias Fridholm
Re:  Cuba!!


Nice page and nice pictures from BaƱos (seems like you were there after all...).

Hope things are great in Cuba! How many small bands playing salsa have you heard so far?

Today we were in ...  (more...)
Jun 20, 2005 by Lisa Kleinknecht
Re:  your trip

sounds amazing...I've been peeking in now and then to see how you guys are....seems like you are really enjoying yourselves...glad to hear it! Hope all is well and you have a wonderful time in ...  (more...)
Jun 17, 2005 by Paul Moran
Re:  awesome!

glad to hear you are having fun. Hope the rest of your trip is great!
cheers, Paul
Jun 12, 2005 by Patrick Marshall
Re:  Hello

Dear Andrea,

Seems that every country you leave something happens. I am glad that you are out of Bolivia.

Love you,
Your Father
May 9, 2005 by Chiara y Hector Godoy
Re:  Love your Web Site

Just read about your days in Cambodia and Vietnam, incredible that we have been in the same places within the same days; it would have been great to meet before and share all that a bit
love your ...  (more...)
Mar 3, 2005 by Dawn Marie Johansson
Re:  Looks like a great time.

Hey guys,
It's great to see your faces and that your having a great time. Can't wait to see you in person. Here's an update on us: Jeff is a working fool as usual, Aly is as beautiful as ever, Zac is ...  (more...)
Feb 26, 2005 by Lydia Kan
Re:  Is Ruth MacGregor available for hire? - and Burma

That girls seems like a sharp cookie...perhaps she could give me a hand with my doctorate? (Happy to provide payment in small plastic bags of Cheerios).
I'm DELIGHTED you enjoyed Burma. And yes, I am ...  (more...)
Feb 26, 2005 by Sarah Hindley
Re:  Photos of the photos and places you are seeing simply fill me will know you will be my Travel agent consultant for next few years on places I have to see! ...would attach I ...  (more...)
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