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Apr 7, 2008 by Wayne Riley
Re:  Journal

Amazing is all I can say - I'm envious, and while I'd love to take a similar trip someday, appreciate your sharing - I felt almost like I was there :)
Feb 21, 2008 by Hope B
Re:  me, too: Sea Dragon and journal

I would like to echo Julie's sentiments about the Sea Dragon and this journal: I am grateful for both of them. But most of all, I am grateful for my sister and grateful that she made it safely to ...  (more...)
Feb 15, 2008 by Julie KB
Re:  farewell Sea Dragon

Thank you Sea Dragon for carrying Bethany through 10 - was it? - states. You kept her dry and warm and away from wild boars. In part because of you (and her amazing determination) Bethany had great ...  (more...)
Feb 15, 2008 by Julie KB
Re:  Happy Valentine's Day!

Finally catching up to you and all your adventures. Gotta love those hot beignets. YUM! I used to work with a woman who named her dog that. He was a Bision Frise name Beignet. WOW. That was a weird ...  (more...)
Feb 12, 2008 by Sue Krauland
Re:  Great Trip!!

Thanks for a wonderful week in Austin and New Orleans!!
It is amazing how quickly your RV story travels. I'm still amazed at how everyone in the Wink Restaurant knew our names and what you were up to. ...  (more...)
Feb 10, 2008 by Hope B
Re:  'hard to believe you've been on the road a month!

I wonder: are you tempted to become a permanent nomad? And also (much less profoundly) are you going to post a photo of your new henna tattoo? Much love, Hope
Feb 6, 2008 by Hope B
Re:  just hi

Hi, sister! I am VERY sleepy right now, so I am going to log back on tomorrow morning to get caught up in my reading of your trip journal, but just wanted to say "hi" while I was here. Much love, Hope
Feb 4, 2008 by Caroline Langen
Re:  your journal

Hi, Bethany:
I'm loving your journal! and feel like a little mini sitting in your shoulder as you move along. What a great experience. It's amazing that you've never driven an RV before--you sound ...  (more...)
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