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Oct 12, 2004 by Kate Foulkes
Re:  Fab Website!

Hey guys, Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading your website and would be totally inspired to get my own - if only I were blessed with IT skills. When you get to Aus you have to try kangaroo. ...  (more...)
Sep 15, 2004 by lynne perry
Re:  nee hao

nee hao
hope you have enjoyed bejing and the great wall received your e mail via vickie looks like your having fun dont forget to say nee hao when people laugh at you it akes them laugh even more dont ...  (more...)
Sep 15, 2004 by Nick Bishop
Re:  being laughed at by chinese

I am reliably informed that having red hair and comparatively big western style noses will make you an object of mirth in China whatever the weather, consider yourselves walking entertainment centres ...  (more...)
Sep 13, 2004 by Big D and Copper
Re:  Soapdodgers on Tour

Have a wonderful journey you two....both in the"Life" and the "Travel" sense.

Toby has reminded me that we all went on far less organised adventures when Mum & I were your age (Racing in Europe, and ...  (more...)
Sep 13, 2004 by Big D
Re:  Your trip

Have a great journey, (life and planet-wise)
Dad and Mum D
Sep 11, 2004 by scott martin
Re:  Best Wishes

Good to see you on wed night sim, hope you got back OK and that the curry didn't have too serious repercussions! Very envious of you both so make sure you post lots of pics on the website...looking ...  (more...)
Sep 9, 2004 by Ann Taylor
Re:  soapdodger

Already spoken to Simon. Hope you have a wonderful time (any room for a small one, me). Love from Alan and the girls. Probably speak with you on Xmas day at Liz's. Give her a kiss from me. Take care ...  (more...)
Sep 8, 2004 by lynne perry
Re:  soapdodgers tour

have a fantastic time, and becareful out there both of you and come back the same way as you go but with beautiful memories love to you both missing you already
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